Thursday, 1 May 2014

Let Me Introduce Myself

Well… the basics… I’m Rebecca-Marie *has a cheesy grin and waves enthusiastically*

*coughs as if to make a big speech* AHEM.

I love going on spontaneous adventures, photography, making videos, dancing (badly) to uplifting songs..
Or trying to dance happily to depressing songs, resulting in me laughing at myself for what seems like eternity because... well... who else does that?!

Oh… and I’m also a tea fanatic.

Another important fact you should know about me is that I am not a professional writer, and in the past I have attempted to begin and maintain a journal or diary. And failed. Every. Time.
I feel that this was because I was just writing diary entries who were only seen by me and thought “What is the point in me just writing down what I am thinking? Waste of trees much.” Basically, I lost motivation.
However, despite this, I have always been fond of the idea of having my very own blog that I can share with everyone. *whispers* That’s you too! 

*normal voice again* So, you're probably wondering what the reason for me starting this blog was. If you actually were thinking that then now your mind is probably like..


But yeah, back on topic. I am finally coming to the end of my senior year at high school and feel that now is the time to start up one of the many things I have always wanted to do. This blog.
I have spent the last week or two looking over some of my favourite bloggers’ sites and took inspiration from these and also came up with a few ideas of what I can write about in the future. WHY DID I NOT DO THIS BEFORE? I don’t know. But I could have had a proper blog by now. *slaps head for being stupid*

Just a pre-warning for ya'll - my posts may not be frequent or around the same time for a while, but hey. I’m new to this, give a girl a break.

If you have any suggestions to what sort of blog posts you would like to see me publish then feel free to comment your ideas.

(I haven’t actually specified or figured out what exactly I will be posting yet, so this will help.)

I hope this is the first post of many and welcome to the world of unicorns and glitter (otherwise known simply as my blog).

Have a picture of a frog.


Okay… I’m going now…

*slowly backs away and hides under the duvet before you scream at me*


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, & oh, have fun!!

    1. Awh thank you Stephanie, that is such a lovely message to get! I am so grateful that you have made me feel welcome in this community. I hope you are well! Love, Rebecca xo