Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The Bookworm in Me

I am an avid reader. No doubt about it.

I am constantly eager to get my hands on the latest released books or bestsellers. I do not tend to care much about the genre or popularity of the book. If it has pages and I have not read it yet, then it is in my best interests to read it. I am always reading something. A book. A magazine. A newspaper. Even another blog.

Without doubt, I always have an answer when someone asks me the question "What book are you reading now?" And the most recent book I have read is The Fault In Our Stars.

I was online recently, researching how many books people read per year in this current day. (I promise I am not as geeky as I may sound.) But yes, actual physical books. They do still exist. And the statistic that came up was one. ONE. I was shocked. I can barely keep track of the amount of books I read in half a year.

Reading is one of my ideas of entertainment and I get so engrossed in the books  I read that I climb into their world and become the characters whilst the actual world around me disappears and fades.

Words are everywhere. In songs, magazines, newspapers, books, text messages, social networking sites, our thoughts. They are even coming from the voice inside your head saying these words to you right now. Hi, I'm in your brain!

I need to read. It is necessary to my existence. If you ever try to interrupt me whilst I am reading a book, be prepared for me to unleash my inner Satan.

I consume every word and devour every book like they are candy from a candy store - um, except it is from a bookstore. I always want more, but am never really satisfied. My brain is like a black hole, a monstrous beast that can never be pleased by one or two books. And I actually feel lost when I have not read in a while. I am compelled to read regularly and will do so until the day I die. I get this urge, this helpless desire to read a book and I give in and I feel good. Just myself and a book and the feeling of not needing to rely on anyone. Brilliant.

I physically cannot imagine someone never reading for pleasure. Which we all know is a lie because the imagination can imagine anything. But the idea of just reading one book a year seems so unreal to me.

I need to read books, probably for various reasons each time I pick one up. I crave to be engulfed in another country, another world, another universe. And books let me do just that.

I am extremely curious about A LOT of things and I want to learn about them. I want to have the ability to escape or find entertainment without having another human being with me in the room. Being alone does not bother me, as long as I am lost within a book then I am as happy as can be.

My close friend only knows the way my eyes light up when I come across a bookstore or library and how I can just spend hours browsing the shelves and reading small extracts. The happiness I experience is inexplicable.

Social media and technology seems to have taken over these days. I have asked a few people what their hobbies are recently, and some of the responses have been "Facebook" or "texting". This is not an activity. It is passive.

I admit, I do own a Kindle and I was excited when I got it. I downloaded over 100 books in the heat of the moment. But I prefer real books. Physical books. I love the way they look, feel, smell. Even the sound they make when I turn the page. Though along with the good feeling I get from hearing that sound comes the sadness of knowing I am one page closer to ending the book.

Clearly, I am passionate about books and you are either bored or have fallen asleep. If you have any suggestions of books, leave them in the comments below. See you soon!


  1. The time travellers wife. If you haven't read it yet, why not? It's one of the best books I've only read once. Enjoy!

    1. Ordered online and out for delivery! I look forward to reading it. Love, Rebecca xo