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My Bucket List

In our everyday lives, it is so easy to get caught up in the rut of over-working and the world of advanced technology that we do not take the time to appreciate various countries, activities, and people, etc. By making a bucket list of things you would like to do in this lifetime, it gives you something to look forward to and can provide a sense of achievement and fulfilment when you complete these and can finally tick them off.

Bucket lists can provide a sense of direction in life and by trying out new activities, it can make your life a little more interesting by completing activities that you would not normally do on an everyday basis. It can boost your self-esteem from the sense of achievement and actually going out of your way to do something that can seem daunting but provide such a thrill, for example; skydiving.

The following link gives some very convincing reasons to start a bucket list. For example, ‘thinking about your list will remind you of your “why” and “periodically reviewing your list is a great way to re-energize”.

I started my bucket list when I was around the ages 15 to 16 so I have already completed a fair few (these will be colored red). Some of them are more easy to accomplish and others require a little more planning and effort, but regardless of these factors that could be seen as setbacks, I am determined to complete them before I enter old-age and am no longer able to fulfil some. Some may seem quite silly and as if I will never achieve them but the best I can do is try. My bucket list grows by the day and it is as follows:

·         Learn to swim.
·         Explore a shipwreck.
·         Wish on a shooting star.
·         Move out of home.
·         Watch fireworks from inside of a plane.
·         Set foot on all 7 continents.
·         Meet The 1975.
·         Ride a horse.
·         Kiss under mistletoe.
·         Play a grand piano.
·         Get my driver’s license.
·         Graduate.
·         Say “I do”.
·         Ride the London Eye.
·         Go on a roadtrip.
·         Carve something into a tree.
·         Scubadive in the Great Barrier Reef.
·         Go strawberry picking.
·         Crowd surf.
·         Sing in front of a crowd.
·         Sleep under the stars.
·         Learn the drums and piano fluently (theory and practical).
·         Attend a large rock music festival.
·         Run a marathon.
·         See a lunar eclipse.
·         Donate blood.
·         Skydive.
·         Learn to rollerblade.
·         Drink beer at Oktoberfest in Munich.
·         Plant a tree.
·         Ride a camel.
·         Write a blog.
·         Volunteer in Africa.
·         Go on a cruise ship.
·         Walk on the Great Wall of China.
·         Fall through a cloud.
·         Go to a hot air balloon festival.
·         Visit India during Diwali.
·         Float in the Dead Sea.
·         Let off a floating lantern.
·         Bake a cake.
·         Go skateboarding.
·         Change someone’s life.
·         Visit Disneyland.
·         Shoot a gun.
·         Wake up to the sunrise.
·         Go to a drive-in movie.
·         Hug a palm tree.
·         Have a flour fight.
·         Make a snow angel.
·         Visit a chocolate factory.
·         Go to an airport: book a random flight.
·         Make a wish at the Trevi foundation.
·         Experience Christmas in New York City.
·         Move to a different country.
·         Build a fort.
·         Explore the Grand Canyon.
·         Go skinny-dipping.
·         Be an extra in a film.
·         And then a main role.
·         Learn a language fluently.
·         Have my portrait painted.
·         Attend a major sporting event.
·         Own a room with a view.
·         Find a penpal.
·         Learn contemporary/street dance.
·         Go to Carnival season in Rio.
·         Spend a day reading a great novel.
·         Be an audience member on a TV show.
·         Ride a canoe.
·         Learn how to use chopsticks.
·         Have afternoon tea.
·         Visit The Shard.
·         Put gum on the Gum Wall in Seattle.
·         Walk through Central Park in the snow.
·         Visit Bow Bridge.
·         Find out how many licks it takes to finish a lollipop.
·         Be a make-up artist.
·         Attend Tomorrowland.
·         Get a tattoo.
·         Attach a lock to a lock bridge.
·         Travel my hometown.
·         Play “hide and seek” in IKEA.
·         Swim in an infinity pool.
·         Play messy Twister.
·         Go to Monte Carlo.
·         Visit a gaybar.
·         Go on an African Safari.
·         Have a horror movie marathon.
·         Watch a high school football game.
·         Write something in wet cement.
·         Visit a castle.
·         Have front row tickets to something.
·         Attend the “Festival of Lights” in Thailand.
·         See the Hollywood sign.
·         Bungee jump.
·         Visit the igloo village.
·         Go parasailing.
·         See the northern lights.
·         Watch a sunset.
·         Go to Australia.
·         Attend a masquerade.
·         Visit the Niagara Falls.
·         Send a message in a bottle.
·         Participate in a colour run.
·         Eat a pizza in Italy.
·         Have someone write and sing a song about me.
·         Step on crunchy leaves.
·         Visit the tunnel of love.
·         Go to Cinque Terre.
·         Party in Vegas.
·         Shower under a waterfall.
·         Spend the night in a haunted mansion.
·         Find out how many balloons are needed to lift me off the ground.
·         Eat cookie dough.
·         Climb the steps of the Mayan Ruins.

This is my (very long) list of things I would like to do before I die (so far)! Hopefully this got you into thinking about what you would actually like to do - maybe something simple? Or maybe something extremely extravagant? Comment down below some of your bucket list ideas or tweet me at @animesummers_ 

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