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My Favourite Eyeshadow Palettes

Okay, so I was unsure what to share with you on this post so I pondered and pondered on what to write. I enjoy reading people’s “Top 5 whatevers” or “favourites” on their blogs so I decided to do just that. Here are my favourite eyeshadow palettes that I alternate between when I do a full face of make-up. Some are quite affordable, and then some are high-end brands that maybe are not so accessible to many people.

Up first is Tanya Burr’s “Candy Glam Beauty Essentials Palette”. This palette is absolutely beautiful. There are a range of different shades and they all complement each other perfectly. The shades I use the most are ‘Ballet Slippers’ (as a transition shade all over my lid), ‘Starry Night’ (in my crease and the outer corners) and ‘Snowflake’ (just in the middle to make my pupils stand out more). I am so in love with this palette – it comes with a lip gloss, blusher and bronzer too – but it was a Christmas special to the range so it was limited edition and no longer available! I have almost finished ‘Ballet Slippers’ so I need to find another transition shade to use. Does anyone know of any good dupes for this?

(Image from, price was around £10 when I purchased)

W7 are an amazing brand who have great dupes for other brands such as Smashbox and NYX, at great affordable prices. I own their In The Nude EyeColour Palette”. The shades in this palette are mostly pinks and browns which is good for someone who loves their nude colours and is not too adventurous with their make-up – like me! It has 12 colours in total and comes with a double-ended applicator. I do not use this applicator as I love my other eyeshadow brushes but it can be useful on the go and saves space when packing!

(Image from, price £4.99)

Barry M have such an amazing cosmetics line and I love their nail polish the most! I really recommend them. I found their “Natural Glow Shadow &Primer Palette when I was in my Fresher’s week at university and I seriously love it. Again, the shades are quite neutral (as it says in the name) but they are so beautiful that it is worth the purchase! This is my joint-favourite drugstore eyeshadow palette – along with Tanya Burr’s collection!

(Image from, price £6.49)

Now we are onto the higher end products which are a little on the pricier side. First up is the Too Faced “Chocolate Bar”. I have read so many reviews on this product and not one of them has been negative. I am so in love with the shades (and also the scent – it is made with 100% natural cocoa powder!) Who doesn’t want eyelids that smell of chocolate!? With 16 shades, there are a range of different looks you can opt to make. Or even if you just want a sweep of colour, there is bound to be a shade that suits you! 

(Image from, price £39)

Elizabeth Arden is a brand that I have, and continue to, live by religiously. Every product I have ever used has done wonders for my skin and I recommend them completely. I love the ‘Eight Hour’ collection. The product I am including in this blog post is not exactly an eyeshadow palette but it has eyeshadows in it and that counts right? Right. It is called the “Glamour On The Go Palette and has 10 eyeshadows in total. Even though this isn’t many shades, it ranges from nudes to green and purple. My two favourite ‘go-to’ shades are Seashell and Bronze Lustre. The palette also includes one lipgloss, one lipstick, one mascara, an eye pencil, a blush and a highlighter. Perfect for days when I just want a little bit of colour on my face but do not want to use foundation or anything heavy – I just apply a nude eyeshadow, the lipgloss and a bit of blusher!

(Image from, price £27.99)

Lastly, is the Estee Lauder “Pure Color Envy Scuplting Shadow and Pure Color Blush”. It includes 12 shades and I got this in their annual Christmas bundle which is quite cheap (around £80) when it is worth approximately £300. Which is a bargain! Due to this, I am unsure whether it is available as a purchase online or whether it was limited edition, however, they do have a collection of Pure Color EnvyScuplting Eyeshadow palettes on their website that I will link below – each come with 5 shades and many varieties so there is bound to be one just for you!

(Image from pinterest, price not applicable as it came in a set)

If you have any suggestions for eyeshadow palettes to try, or any cosmetic product, then feel free to leave a comment and I will give it a go! Have a lovely day/evening wherever you are in the world and I will hopefully (!) have another blog post up soon. <3 

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Sidenote: I used (and referenced) images from external websites as my phone’s camera quality is not very good at the moment and I couldn’t get good lighting. See example below haha!


  1. These are some great palettes. I love the Too faced chocolate palette. Its my all time favorite palette. Great post dear... I think I should do it too :) Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin and other social media :) x

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Ambi! If you do decide to do a blog post like this then I would love to read it. I would love to follow you on Bloglovin', take care.

      Love, Rebecca xo