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7 Resolutions for 2017

Every year I make resolutions when the new year comes around – as I am sure a lot of you reading this do. After a month they are basically out of the window and it isn’t until the end of the year that I start to get annoyed with myself because of the possible changes I could have made to my life in that time frame.

Now I am in my twenties (sigh) I want to start sticking to all of the goals I set myself. If there was a reason I set them in the first place, then surely I am not exactly where I want to be if I don’t achieve them. That’s my opinion, anyway.

So, as you can probably guess by the title, this blog post will be a list of my resolutions/goals for the year of 2017.

Here goes:

1: Keep hydrated –
            Before I came to university, I was a big sport fan and trained at my local harriers. I drank way more than the recommended daily amount but I felt fantastic! I hardly ever had headaches, my skin was almost always clear and I had lots of energy without fatigue. Fast forward to now, I barely get in a litre a day which makes me feel really sluggish and leaves me tired a lot of the time, which is why I aim to increase my intake until I feel like I can consume no more.

2: Reduce/limit my intake of unhealthy items –
            Much like the first point, unhealthy foods make me feel like utter crap and do nothing to help my body whatsoever. So I aim to substitute to healthier items where possible (I’m a student, not a millionaire) or eat smaller amounts. Unhealthy foods are so much easier to access and afford in this day and age but if I try hard enough, I am sure I can budget better and afford healthier meals.

3: Get regular haircuts –
            In 2016, I recall visiting the hair salon twice. Twice. And both of those times were just for trims. I take very little care of my hair and I am sure that if you look close enough you will see the endless amounts of split ends staring you in the face. They need to go. For 2017, I intend to have trims every 6-8 weeks (stop washing my hair everyday too!) and, if I am daring enough this year, I aim to change the style or colour completely… but that’s a different story.

4: Choose skincare over makeup –
            This is definitely a big one for me. When I was in high school, I wore makeup because other people was wearing it and it felt ‘cool’. I would always touch up and add powder whenever I had the chance. Given the amount I would stick on my face in a day, I am lucky to have had good skin because of exercise and high water intake. But I would never let anyone see me without makeup on, not even family. Which sounds ridiculous to me now. But I am a big believer that the more you take care of your skin and use good quality products, the less makeup you need because you have less to ‘cover up’ let’s say. Dark circles, pimples, wrinkles, discolouration… if you find a skincare routine that really works for you and is suited to your skin, I guarantee that you will much rather have more make-up free days because of how great you feel about your skin. This year I am to invest in more organic make-up items too, just so my skin is still being treated well, even on days that I do wear cosmetics.

5: Take better care of my nails –
            Nails are by far the one thing I never EVER think about. Mine always break, look like they are different lengths, they shed several layers and so on. All because I don’t care for them. More so, I don’t care ABOUT them. Every now and then I’ll apply a Sally Hansen nail polish that encourages them to grow or one that says it cares for them but this is once in a blue moon, even though the directions say to apply every day or every other day. Having scruffy nails doesn’t affect my everyday life but it is something that I want to work on. I feel like hands say a lot about people in some ways and mine just give off the vibe that I am careless and lazy in my opinion. I feel like they are never presentable enough to put on a slick of nail varnish and this is hopefully going to change this year!

6: Change the way I speak –
            Now, I know this one sounds a bit odd but it is something I have wanted to work on for so long. Ever since I was around 14 or 15, I have noticed that swearing has slowly made its way into my everyday language. I don’t even notice that I say words like that anymore, which is how accustomed to it I have become. And I want that to stop. Another thing I want to work on is gratitude. I say ‘sorry’ way too many times, when most of the time I don’t have to be sorry for something. Lately, I have been changing my ‘sorry’ to ‘thank you’ where necessary. In my Christmas temp job, it was understandably very busy, and I would find myself constantly apologizing for the long queues. One day, instead of saying ‘sorry’, I began to thank them for waiting. I really noticed a difference in the way a customer would receive this and it made me feel good.

7: Minimalism –
            Last but not least, I want to continue on my journey to minimalism. All of my life I have been a hoarder. I felt like if I owned a lot of things that it would make me feel great. But in fact, it made me stressed because I had to constantly tidy away things and more often than not, there wouldn’t be any room for stuff. It just left me with an untidy room, which isn’t a good work space or place to relax. Over the past few months, I have been decluttering all different parts of my bedroom/house, and also my life. My ultimate goal is to only have items that are used on a regular-to-daily basis, and/or mean a lot to me. I have plenty of books, cosmetics, products, clothes, shoes, etc that just take up room and never get used, yet I hesitate to let them go. Why? I don’t know, maybe a part of me still is a hoarder, but I aim to change that this year. If minimalism is something you would like to practice, I really recommend reading The Book of Hygge by Louisa Thomsen Brits. I will attach some images that give a little insight to what it is about!

So there we have my (very wordy) blog post on my 7 resolutions/goals for the year of 2017! Feel free to comment your own goals for 2017, and Happy New Year!

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