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SourcedBox - Healthy Snacking Service!

Healthy snacking? Yes please! If you are anything like me, you will love a healthy snack over an unhealthy one. I find it utterly incredible that some healthy brands use natural ingredients to make their products and some turn out to taste just like an unhealthy version would! It certainly helps me to have some guilt-free snacking sessions when they are needed.

Healthy foods can be hard to find if you don’t particularly know where to look. Where I live, there is one wholefoods store and that’s it. I have found a lovely selection of brands in there that I like but it can be difficult to find healthy brands in other stores such as supermarkets as some brands advertise themselves as natural but are not 100% natural – which is sucky! However, I came across the subscription box service called SourcedBox quite a while ago. 

I watch a YouTuber named Niomi Smart (check out her channel here), and a few years back she founded this company with the help of two of her friends. Their website describes themselves as “a snack delivery service designed to make healthy living simple and exciting.” They are a subscription service, and you can choose a monthly or annual subscription, as well as an option to try a one-off box. In each monthly box, there is a selection of between 10-15 healthy snacks from completely different brands, ranging from brownies, truffles, tea bags, drinks, crisps, etc.

I have tried a fair few of the boxes from SourcedBox and here are a few of them:

December 2016:

This box was the Christmas edition, and the lovely sleeve was designed by a girl named Ellie Morris. Check out her Instagram here!

This box had some lovely options in it – I particularly liked the chocolate milk that was made with coconut milk instead of dairy! Quite a few products were not my favorite as they were gingerbread flavored and I do not like gingerbread. But I gave these to my friends so they could share the healthy snacking with me. This box contained SourcedBox’s very own chocolate bar which was a mixture of raw chocolate, zesty orange oil, raisins and a Christmas spice mix and it tasted DIVINE. My favorite snack had to be the Chia Pudding by BEMINDFUEL. It was easy to make, just emptying the contents into a bowl or mug and then adding water, letting it sit for 5 minutes so the chia seeds can take on a jelly-like form and then voila! Ready to eat!

February 2017:

For February, I think everything looked lovely as it was kind of Valentine’s themed with all of the pink and red! My favorites from this box were the Superfood Truffles (also, how cute is the packaging!?), the 100% Natural raw brownie, the rice sticks and also the Baobab Superfruit Drink. Delicious!

March 2017:

This is the latest box to have been sent out and oh my was it a treat! Firstly, the purple tea was amazing – I love hibiscus! And the Pana Chocolate was adorably presented! Check out my post here on Instagram. I really enjoyed the granola too, surprisingly, as I’m not the biggest fan of dates! The sparkling peach and lychee drink was a definite favorite and I will be buying more of these!

These boxes can be purchased from SourcedBox’s website here and they are really well priced for a subscription box that includes a lot in it! I think this service is really good for those looking to incorporate more healthy snacks into their diet/day. I cannot wait to see what April’s box brings!

Let me know if you have tried any of these boxes and what your favorite snack was!

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  1. I've been wanting to give this box a try ever since I first heard about it - it looks so good!

    Nicola //

    1. Let me know when you do! If you do a blog post on it then be sure to send me the link, I hope you are having a lovely weekend Nicola! I just checked out your blog, I loved the 7 Tips for When Life Doesn't Go As Planned. Beautiful writing. Love, Rebecca xo