Hello! My name is Rebecca-Marie. I am 21 years old and a recent Drama graduate.

I enjoy photography, travelling, reading, writing, a variety of sports, everything musical, and getting to know new people.

However, I also love spending time alone; I think this is important and helps you to understand yourself better.

My favorite color is green, and I enjoy watching old films such as Mannequin, Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman. I am utterly obsessed with the older fashion, preferably the 70’s. How cool would it be if people still dressed like this!?

I am a very optimistic person, always trying to find the positives in all aspects of life. I constantly want to try new things - I just love experiencing everything! But as a human being, I do still have my fears. I’m afraid of failure and sometimes don’t go for anything I want in case I don’t succeed. But at these times I just remind myself that I’ll never know because I haven’t even started yet. I’m also scared of not having anyone there to rely on or help me when I’m in times of trouble.  But when and if this happens, I believe I can get through it.

I’m a dreamer; my mind never fully on this Earth for long. I wake up early to see the sunrise and hear the beautiful sounds of nature - before the sound of people and cars come and take that away. And I also like to see the stars and moon before I go to sleep. I am a HUGE nature lover and have an unhealthy obsession with the moon.

I also love to laugh a lot. Especially with friends... mainly because laughing alone is weird. (But I still do it anyway).

I’ll cut it off here, otherwise I wouldn't have much to blog about in the future. But this is where I’ll come to share my thoughts, opinions and experiences that happen on my ride through life… wherever that takes me.