Sunday, 15 February 2015

Photography #1

So... we meet again.

Well, technically it should be “So… here I am communicating to you via a screen again”. But I think we can both look past that.

I know I have not posted in, like, A GAZILLION YEARS. Please accept my apology. It is very sincere. I will send you cookies to prove it?

Rather than me taking even longer to write a lengthy post on some random topic, I thought I would share some photography shots I have taken (do not fret though, as I am currently in the process of writing a lengthy post.)

I am very proud of how these photos turned out because they were taken using a Samsung mobile phone camera. Who would have thought Samsung actually have good quality cameras? But, nevertheless, they make me smile whenever I look at them and they bring back memories I will never forget.

This is one of the first photos I had taken on my phone. You probably do not know this but I have an increasing obsession with the moon and the way she just stood out in the sky meant it was a great opportunity to capture it in a photograph. I think it is extremely beautiful (minus the chimneys at the bottom.)

(Unless you love chimneys).

Oh my goodness, I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this photo! The way the moon is a crescent, floating above a skyline so bright and orange like that just blew my mind. I took this out of the front window at my university accommodation and it will forever be one of my favourites.

Another photograph taken from my university accommodation. This time it was from my balcony, so lucky I get to see this view every single morning when I wake up! The skylines here are so pretty, and the pink tones of this one was practically calling me to take a photo of it.

This one is also taken on my balcony from my accommodation. I do not actually know why I took this one. I think it was taken just after the one above as I wanted a view from a different direction, but as I was taking it I noticed the little plane in the photograph too. It definitely pulled on my heart strings as I have terrible fernweh and always dream of going abroad. I feel like it just adds a little more emotion and significance to the photograph.

This is my favorite place in the entirety of England. I have only ever taken one person there, and that is my best friend. It is so beautiful. An unexpected intrusion of nature is sometimes all you need to keep you grounded and make you aware of all the good things to be grateful for in your life.

And there he is! My best friend. My lifeline. *Typical best friend cliché alert* He has been there through absolutely everything. My struggles, my tears, my highs, my lows. He is the personification of absolute perfection and the entirety of my life is not long enough to tell you how much I love him.


Now… this one was taken on the walk back to my best friend’s house. I know we can never capture 100% of what we see in front of us but I tried okay! The sky was literally a bright pink and orange colour. It was so gorgeous, I took around 100 photos of it but this one is a good enough one to share. The moment was just so magical as this was the first day of seeing my best friend since we had moved to university. It is like the sky lit up for our reunion, and it is a day I will never forget.

This was taken in the same place as the previous photograph. Sitting on bridges and watching cars go by is something I do often, and I do not think it is weird in any way at all. Think of all of the people in the cars doing what they want to do, going about their daily lives, possibly driving to see family, maybe they are returning from seeing family… We do not know where they are going or what they are doing but they are living people that I will most likely never have contact with in my life. And this scares me. The amount of people I pass daily that will never be of any significance to me at all. Too little time in the world and too many people that I will never have the privilege of ever knowing.

This photo means so much to me in ways that people will never understand. I took this a few days before I moved from my hometown to go to university. Again, I took it because the color of the sky was stunning. However, when I looked back at it once I had returned home, I noticed the single car on the road – coincidentally driving AWAY from me. At this point of realization, I took this car as a metaphor of myself. I was going to be driving away from my hometown to a completely different city on my own. A fresh start, heading towards a beautiful future.

Besides the fact that these were both taken with my best friend – thus meaning they should be in my favorites category – I chose these because no matter what we plan to do, we always end up choosing London for celebrating big things such as birthdays, reunions, goodbyes. I never have been sure why we chose London but we did and from then on it has stuck and shall remain as London.

Lastly, I chose this one for the final photograph. I was the happiest I have ever been in a long time when this photo was taken and I don’t think the photo can hold all of that happiness. But when I see it, I know how happy I was and it makes me feel that same happiness all over again. I chose this one for last because the quality is not great at all. But that is not the sole reason why it should come last as this is actually my favourite photo out of all of them in this post.

When you take time to think about it, not everything needs to be perfect to everyone for it to be perfect to you. Admittedly, the quality of this photo is not the best. It is not of the same quality as all of the photos shown above – however it is not the worst either. Even though it probably is not “up to scratch” and most definitely would not win if it was entered into a photography competition or something of some sort, it still means something to me and that is all that matters. It is perfect to ME. Sometimes you have to appreciate things for how YOU see them and for how they make YOU feel rather than worrying about what others think all of the time. Know who you are and know it is enough.

(P.S. None have been edited or had filters added. Also, the size of them may decrease chances of the details I am describing to be seen so use that ZOOOOOOM!)

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