Thursday, 21 July 2016

A Short Update on my Life

Hello again,

As you have probably noticed, I haven’t been very active on my blog for a while as a result of being rather busy. From May until September, I do not have a ‘stable’ place to stay. Since going to university, it has been routine for me to stay with a variety of people over the summer holidays and this means I practically live out of one suitcase and everything else I own goes into storage. I quite like this way of living but it can be hard for me to write posts such as “Favorite (whatevers)” and other posts that I need to include photography for as everything I want to photograph is in boxes and not in my possession (I like my blog to include my own photographs). However, I am now looking for some stability in my life and this should mean I do not move around as much in the future. I am going on a vacation for two weeks in August and am hoping that this will give me time to completely stay away from social media and for me to get my life in gear – from choosing who and what I need to eliminate from my life in order for me to fulfill life as best as I can for when I arrive back in England.

I would like to engage more with my readers (you!) in the future and post things that you would like to read - let me know in the comment sections what posts you like to read and I will create these posts if I feel like it will be something I enjoy writing about. I like writing long posts and including photos of my own, however these types of blog posts can take days to completely put together and therefore I hope that you understand that I want to enjoy the posts I write too.

Sorry that this post was shorter than most and did not have any interesting content, but feel free to let me know what your summer plans are in the comment section below and interact with me on my social medias found on my sidebar; I would love to get to know you all better!

Stay happy J

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  1. Hi Rebecca, I stumbled upon your blog and thought I would comment, it is fun to have a blog, but it is time consuming like you said but worth it. Here is my 2 if you wish to take a look. I am fairly new at this blogging/ web sight. if you want you can check my two out sometime. It is all about doing what you want to on your blog, have fun on your vacation in August. We are off to Maine in USA in August. Linda