Saturday, 25 February 2017

Beauty Misses #1

In my first few years at university, I would buy almost every product I laid my eyes on. Seeing several bloggers and vloggers with huge make-up collections made me envious, so I tried to make my own collection bigger and bigger. As a result of this, I purchased many items that I actually didn’t like and have been forever stashed away just to make my collection look larger – even though I was not using these items. It is only recently that I have been looking into minimalism that I wanted to downsize everything I own. I started with my make-up collection, and these products are just a few of the items that barely ever got used because they were either horrendous, or just did not work for me.

I was so in love with the No7 Beautifully Matte foundation (it really does cover everything) that I thought this one would be even more flawless because the name suggests ‘airbrush finish’. This was not the case. I am the shade Calico throughout the entire foundation range for No7, and this foundation was slightly off. It oxidized on my skin and made me look cakey, regardless of how much I would blend. After a few weeks, the foundation became gloopy and sticky inside the packaging so it was hard to get out (it has a pipette/dropper applicator). I have oily/combination skin and it just made me feel tacky and throughout the day my skin became to look chalky. A definite no to repurchasing.

I have very fine hair so the ‘volumizing’ line caught me straight away. I bought it on a whim thinking it would help, but instead it made my hair sticky, it did not distribute through the hair evenly and would make my hair very hard and straw like. I had high hopes for this product because I had seen the brand advertised quite literally everywhere, but this product just didn’t work for me. If I wanted my hair to be rock hard and sticky, I would have just bought hairspray.

I believe I purchased the shade Flirtation, and it was just horrendous. It was spring/summer in which I bought it so I was looking for some bright colours and opted for this one. The application was fine, but it was just the product/formula that I could not get along with. It was a very grainy finish and when it dried matte it felt very much like the fluff on velvet. It was uncomfortable to wear and it went very patchy after about half an hour. Re-applying is not the easiest when you are out running errands because you have to take off the entire product and reapply which began to make my lips dry from the constant rubbing. I was quite disappointed because Revlon have some good products, but their lip products just aren’t for me.

Relating back to the Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour, this product, once again, felt quite grainy. It wasn’t an even, flawless finish and it did not last for longer than half an hour. I tried the shades Elusive and Sultry, which are beautiful colours but this matte ‘balm’ was not balmy at all. It is the formula that was not good at all. As soon as I apply Revlon lip products, I immediately want to remove them. I wear lip balms more than any other lip products because I get quite dry lips so I had high hopes for this Matte Balm, but I won’t be repurchasing any time soon.

I am starting to think that most lip products just are not for me. I tried three shades out of this range (Julianne’s nude, Naomi’s nude and Eva’s nude). The only shade that was quite creamy and easy to work with was Eva’s nude. The other two were quite dry, very ‘pulling’ when trying to apply, the colour pay off was ridiculously bad so several layers were needed, and it was quite uncomfortable to wear because they were so drying. The hype surrounding these lipsticks when they were first released was my reason for purchasing them, but the hype was overrated from my experience with the products.

I was extremely excited when Tanya released her beauty range, because she is a beauty blogger/vlogger so I assumed she knew what she was after when it came down to products. I enjoyed this product for a very long time. The pigment is great and it lasts a reasonable amount of time. However, the bronzer was quite patchy, the highlight did not last for very long on the skin– unlike the blush – and with daily use my three sections got a weird ‘film’ over the top of the product. It was easy to remove with some medical tape, just tapping the top with the sticky side of the tape. But this is not what I look for in a product. The palette itself does last a long time, and the colour payoff for the blush was really good. It was just a shame about the highlight. I don’t use bronzer for my face, but it was a nice crease shade for the eyes, just very patchy at times. These were released a while ago, so the formula might be better now, and I would prefer to try the peachy glow palette as coral shades are better suited to me. So maybe I would repurchase in the future!

As I am now more cautious with the amount I buy, I have a lot more hits than misses when it comes to beauty products, and I have learnt to ask for samples where possible before I pay full price to save money. Are there any products you have tried that you would never go back to? Or maybe you would like to try again? Let me know in the comments!

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