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February Favorites

In the month of February, I was so focused on my practical assignments at university that I barely had any time to try anything new and I wasn’t using anything enough for it to become a favorite of mine. Therefore, this post will be a lot shorter than my January Favorites but, regardless, I still enjoyed these things just as much! Let’s get on into my February Favorites…

When I get stressed out, or my anxiety starts to flare up, I bite my nails a lot and I cannot help it. I hardly realize I am doing it, and I end up with disgusting looking hands that I am not proud of. I’m not very fussy over my nailcare but I like them to look relatively decent and manicured. This product has helped my nails grow to a lovely length in a matter of days which has been so good because it can take weeks for my nails to get to a certain length. I’d be lucky for them to be the same length at the same time because my nails are so brittle and as much as I have tried to use every nail hardening treatment out there, my nails still break when they get to a certain length. If you know of any good nail strengthening treatments then leave a comment!

I was recently trying the Maybelline Push Up Angel mascara and it made my lashes so clumpy! I tried it for a couple of weeks to just see if I could get the hang of using the product in different ways to get the best effect but nothing seemed to work. I am usually a big fan of wands like the one this had (similar to the Benefit Roller Lash mascara wand) but I could not get along with it. I think the plastic brush was too flimsy and did not separate or lengthen my lashes at all. So I looked through my collection of mascaras and found the Revlon Photoready 3D Volume mascara and instantly fell in love again. I bought this mascara about a year ago and it was amazing but for some reason I stopped using it and went onto a different product. It does not go clumpy, it lengthens to the max and the wand is amazing! It does flake a little as the day goes on but I don’t mind this as I can just swipe the flakes off of my face in a second. Whilst writing this post, I was looking up the product and it turns out that it has been discontinued from shops – NO! I will have to look at independent sellers on eBay or Amazon to repurchase again. I hope they bring it back one day as it really is an amazing product.

This book has been amazing in my everyday life. It is a book that does not need to be read all the way through – you can dip into the sections that you may need that day to just help reorganize your mind and to get you back on track. I find it to just be a good pick me up if I am feeling down during the day and flick through to find some uplifting quotes or advice. I have owned this book for over 2 years now I believe and it still helps me out when I need it to, so it is good for more than just one read! I would definitely recommend this for those who have stressful, busy lives and sometimes need to just sit down and have a reset at the end of the day so they can relax and wind down easier.

Yes it has a long name but this did not put me off! When I was younger I always slathered on mountains and mountains of lip balm and never let my lips actually breathe or have some time out. I think this led my lips to stop producing their normal oils or whatever they do to not be dry. If my lips get dry now, it is so uncomfortable and painful for me as they often crack at the sides. This lip balm has been a saviour. The price tag might be scary at £9.50 (in Boots) but it has lasted me for so long. I apply it in the morning, and it lasts me throughout the day (because the formula is a nice, thick, creamy consistency), no touch ups needed unless I have eaten and it has come off when wiping my mouth. And then in the evenings I will do a lip scrub and apply again. When I wake up I still have a good amount of the product on my lips so they are super nourished 24/7 as this product is so long-wearing and nourishes deep down into the lips. 79.5% of it is derived from natural sources such as almond oil, and other natural oils which really help to hydrate and moisturise the lips. I prefer to not take this with me in my bag just because it is a pot and therefore you have to dip your fingers into it which is not hygienic when out in public but as it lasts a long time, this is not a problem!

The last three favourites of mine in February have been songs, and these are a mixture of artists, as follows:
*      The 1975 – By Your Side
*      Justin Bieber – Been You
*      Sailor & I – Tough Love

So there we have it! My favourites from the month of February. Have you been enjoying anything so far this year? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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