Thursday, 23 March 2017

The Skinny Kitchen - A Trip With Jessica!

As you can tell from my post yesterday, I have really been into healthy eating recently. A few weeks back I went to The Skinny Kitchen with my housemate and fellow blogger Jessica. Find her blog over at The Birds and Butterflies.

As I tend to write quite lengthy posts, I thought I would leave this one quite short and just include a few photos that I took whilst we were there, so enjoy!


This restaurant is a very small franchise at the moment, with two restaurants in Ibiza, one in Bournemouth, one in Canterbury and one in Belfast. Their menu caters to a variety of diets, and is very healthy, showcasing various fitness-inspired foods. I have tried something different every time I have visited the restaurant and am always satisfied with my order. If you ever get the chance to go to one of the restaurants, I literally recommend all of their smoothies and juices!

What are some of your favorite healthy restaurants? Let me know!

Happy Friday!

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P.S. The umbrella photo was not taken anywhere near the restaurant but it was taken on the same day and it was too pretty not to post. Enjoy!

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